Our Approach

A ‘whole area’ approach by a community group to reducing litter and fly tipping in a semi-rural area.

As of June 2014, we cover an area of about thirty six square kilometres. The core area is (roughly) from the bridge over the M62 motorway on Saddleworth Road to the Moorcock pub at the end of Butterworth End Lane; from the bottom of Elland Road to the border of Greetland on from Branch Road.

Aim of our approach

We have adopted a ‘whole area’ approach because our aim is to radically reduce littering and fly tipping in an attractive semi-rural area.  We feel there is no point in clearing up a lane if next to it is an area of woodland or a field which is littered.  We aim to develop a co-operative approach based on partnership.

Being aware of litter law

We have a small management committee who have researched the basics of ‘litter law’.If you’d like to know a bit more about litter law you can download a briefing here    

How this approach works

So we do work on ‘public’ land like roads, lanes, a playground, bridleways where a lot of what we do is a joint effort with the local authority.  We also clear litter from ‘private’ land e.g. fields farmed by local farmers, land owned by Yorkshire Water.  Our approach to litter on private land is based on

  • our assessment that in the target area at least 90% of litter on private land is caused by drivers or pedestrians dropping or throwing litter onto land/adjacent roads
  • the most effective way to reduce litter on private land is to establish partnerships with landowners so that both volunteers and landowners clear litter.  We’ve got permission from many landowners to remove litter from land and are extending these permissions further.